CMT router bits

Beginning in a small workshop in the centre of Pesaro, Italy, in 1962, CMT Utensili has developed into a world leading manufacturer of exclusive router bits. Produced using the highest quality raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and attentive checks, CMT router bits combine 7 critical features in the most effective and efficient way.

High quality steel
The shanks and bodies of all CMT router bits are all machined from solid high quality steel bars.

Premium tungsten carbide
Every CMT router bit is made using only premium grade tungsten carbide.

Carbide tip focused onto the steel body at 720C by an induction heating process.

Perfect concentricity
CMT centres all router bits for precision balanced machining. The shank is held between centres during machining to ensure perfect concentricity at all times.

Precision ground edge
The sharpening of the carbide cutting edge to a 0.4m/mm μ micrograin finish is only done on automated CNC machines that are equipped with as many as 8 axis for maximum accuracy.

Perfectly balanced
Precision balancing each router bit from start to finish CMT guarantees the guide bearing seat, shank and cutter body are ground to achieve perfect symmetry.

Longer lasting cutting edge
CMT's specially formulated carbide produces a, very fine grain, homogenous composition which is exceptionally durable, lasting longer and gives you more resharpenings from your router bit.

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