Industrial circular saw blades

<strong>Industrial circular saw blades</strong>

All CMT circular saw blades are made with the finest industrial materials and processes.

Three main categories and more:

1) Industrial PTFE-coated circular saw blades. A great choice for the shop that keeps its blades running all day, every day.

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2) Industrial XTreme circular saw blades. Primarily intended for large panel saws and industrial woodworking machinery. High precision, tight tolerance and longer lifetime.

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3) ITK™ Industrial Thin Kerf circular saw blades. Thinner plates make this line ideal for saws that are a bit underpowered, but they also deliver a hard day's work, and these prices make them an incredible value.
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How to choose your CMT saw blade? Please check out the following PDF (for the North American market only):

For information on the saw blade pin holes click here.