ITK framing/decking circular saw blades, for portable machines

SERIES:  250-271

Tungsten carbide tipped tool Tool with anti-kickback design Low noise saw blade Saw blade in orange plastic packaging
D B Z b K P a Order No. Buy now Availability
5-3/8" 10mm 18 1FTG+2/20°ATB 0.059 0.039 20° 271.136.18D Buy now Available
7-1/4" 5/8"<> 24 1FTG+2/15°ATB 0.071 0.047 15° 250.024.07 Buy now Available
7-1/4" 5/8"<> 24 1FTG+2/20°ATB 0.071 0.047 15° 250.024.07-X10 Buy now Not available
8_8-1/4" 5/8"<> 24 1FTG+2/15°ATB 0.075 0.047 20° 250.024.08 Buy now Available
Application: for rip cuts especially designed for building contractors.

Machines: portable and cordless machines.

Material: single and hardwood, panels with nails, metal clips and pieces of concrete.



A customer bought 250.024.07 and used it for cutting wood. They didn't know that metal was buried in the wood. Blade cut through it and had no damage. They also claimed that, after cutting, the blade could still work great. Here below is a picture showing the workpiece cut:

250.024.07 cuts metal wood
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Watch how the ITK blade works on a portable circular saw!
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Technical features of ITK saw blades
Excellent rip cut on wood.- product picturezoom Excellent rip cut on wood.
Good cut on plywood.- product picturezoom Good cut on plywood.
10 pcs. in Masterpack.- product picturezoom 10 pcs. in Masterpack.