Molding router bits

SERIES:  8/955.902

Tungsten carbide tipped Two cutting edges Right-hand rotation Anti-kickback design Tool with bearing For use on router tables only
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1-1/16" 1-5/8" 3-9/16" 1/2" 855.902.11 Buy now Available
Why waste time searching for a particular frame molding when you can easily make your own? With a wide range of CMT molding bits you can always create your favorite edge profile anywhere and anytime you want. These bits last a lifetime thanks to their carbide-tipped cutters and their solid bar stock steel shanks can withstand serious use. The non-stick PTFE coating guarantee clean and smooth-running cuts, whereas the anti-kickback design makes you work safer.

Shop tips: multiple passes require planning. Think about your operations carefully before beginning.

Safety tips: large diameter bits should be used carefully on router tables equipped with a fence at reduced speed. For best results 1,7 KW (2-1/4 HP) routers are recommended. Low-powered routers such as 1,1 KW (1-1/2 HP) ones can be used for short runs.
 Item  Bearing  Screw  Shield for bearing  Hex key
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