3-in-1 flush trim router bits for MDF and laminates

SERIES:  7/8/907

Tungsten carbide tipped Two cutting edges Right-hand rotation Tool with bearing
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3-in-1 flush trim bits with Delrin® triangular bearings are your best partner for laminate trimming. In fact it solves 3 of the most common problems that occur in flush trimming in cabinet shops:

1) the anti-stick properties of the Delrin® bearing greatly reduces the likelihood freezing of the bearing from glue;

2) The extended guide surface of the new Delrin® bearing will perfectly match the work surface without scratching the material like a steel bearing would. The Delrin® bearing also guarantees maximum stability;

3) the shear angle cutting edge reduces the need for filing.

3-in-1 bits are ideal on plastic laminates, as well as on aluminium laminates!

The triangular bearing is PATENT PENDING:
-extended guide surface;
-non-scratch surface.
Thanks to the innovative conical edges of this bit you will always get perfect cuts even after re-sharpening. In fact, the most popular problem you have with the standard flush trim bits is the undersized diameter after re-sharpening which leaves the mark on the material. Now with the new CMT construction you could re-sharpen up to six times without any problem. Just remember to adjust your bit up or down as per the illustration in the photo gallery.
 Item  Delrin® bearing  Screw  Shield for bearing  Shield for bearing  Hex key
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Perfect trimming with the conical edges!- product picturezoom Perfect trimming with the conical edges!
Patent pending bearing.- product picturezoom Patent pending bearing.