The CMT grand rabbet sets

SERIES:  8/935.503

Tungsten carbide tipped tool Two cutting edges Right-hand rotation Tool with anti-kickback design Tool with bearing For use on router tables only icona_axial_angle_alt mancante!
The ultimate rabbeting sets & the ultimate tool value. These sets include our 835.990.11 bit with 22mm (7/8”) cutting height, plus bearings to cut 17 different rabbets, all in a sturdy molded case. For rabbet sizes over 12,7mm (1/2”) we suggest cutting in several shallow passes to achieve the desired cutting depth. Available in 12mm (15/32”) and 12,7mm (1/2) shanks.

Profiles available in the photo gallery.
 Item  Bushing kit  Aluminum bushing  Rabbeting bit  Kit with bearings, shields, screws and key
835.503.11   791.705.00 
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Profiles made by using CMT grand rabbet sets.- product picturezoom Profiles made by using CMT grand rabbet sets.
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