One piece rail & stile cutter heads

SERIES:  694.014

Insert carbide tool Tool for manual feed Two cutting edges Supplied in plastic packaging
D B Z RPM Order No. Buy now Availability
4-23/32" 1-1/4" 2 6400~10500 694.014.31 Buy now Available
-Hard aluminium alloy body with high resistance to tensile and yield stress.
-2 HWM Knives type (A) - (40x24,5x2mm - Z2).
-Tools for manual feed (MAN).
-Pins for the automatic positioning of the knives.

Supplied in a solid plastic box.
These are unique products made by combining two cutter heads, ideal for making furniture doors and drawers. By adjusting the height of the head it is possible to cut two perfectly fitting profiles with no waste of time or efforts to move the fence or to replace the tool. Save money by purchasing one single head and improve your production’s efficiency. For use on spindle moulders. Perfect on hardwood and panels with thickness between 22mm (7/8") and 25mm (1").
 Item  Wedge  Pair of profiled knives  Pair of profiled knives (optional)  STEI screw with pin  Hex key
694.014.31   695.999.39 
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General rules for the utilization of the cutter heads
Standard profile A.- product picturezoom Standard profile A.
Optional profile B.- product picturezoom Optional profile B.
Optional profile C.- product picturezoom Optional profile C.
Optional profile D.- product picturezoom Optional profile D.