Bushings for twist drills

SERIES:  365

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2.5mm 23mm 10mm 365.025.00 Buy now Available
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3.2mm 23mm 10mm 365.032.00 Buy now Available
3.5mm 23mm 10mm 365.035.00 Buy now Available
3mm 23mm 10mm 365.030.00 Buy now Available
4.5mm 23mm 10mm 365.045.00 Buy now Available
4mm 23mm 10mm 365.040.00 Buy now Not available
5mm 23mm 10mm 365.050.00 Buy now Available
For use with the following items: 363 HWM.

-Super-strength steel.
-Shank with driving flat.
-Axial cuttings for cylindrical drill clamps.
Used with spiral boring bits with shank diametres equal to the bushing diametre. Used on boring machines equipped with adaptors.
Assembly illustration.- product picturezoom Assembly illustration.